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The word "traditional" isn't in Ali Fedotowsky's vocabulary, at least when it comes to wedding planning.

The former "Bachelorette" star said she and her fiance Kevin Manno have begun planning their wedding and she has some pretty specific do's and don'ts. She's also fairly lackadaisical about other things.

"I'm so not traditional," she told People magazine. "I want anything but traditional. But I don't care really. I almost would rather elope."

The first break from tradition? She won't have a ballgown. Her feet, she said, won't be going anywhere near heels on the big day, either.

"I plan on being either barefoot or wearing Converses on my wedding day," she adds. "It's one or the other. No heels."

Through it all, Ali has actually figured out that wedding planning and decision making is hard work!

"I always thought I wanted a destination wedding. But now that I'm actually planning, I don't know,"she said.

Her groom seems like a mirror image of her in terms of his ideas for the wedding.

"He just wants to do whatever makes me happy, but he wants to be involved with everything," she said. "Neither one of us is traditional in the sense of, 'Oh, the woman plans the wedding.' It's our day, we're going to plan it together."

Another thing they'll do together: enter parenthood -- just not yet.

"I'm really open about my life, and we want to have kids," she said, adding that the couple discussed having children before getting married, but Ali decided she wanted to "have that bride experience before having a family."