Ashley Greene suffered a heartbreaking loss on Friday, March 22, after her West Hollywood condo went up in smoke, with one of her beloved toy fox terrier pups dying in the fire, a rep for the actress confirmed to Us.

The Twilight actress, 26, was not home at the time of the incident, a source confirms to Us, but she returned to the residence as soon as she was alerted by a neighbor, only to find a tragic scene; her other toy fox terrier managed to survive the blaze.

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TMZ initially reported that the actress was with her brother and her unidentified boyfriend when the flames unexpectedly broke out, and that the two men rushed into the seven-story apartment complex when they realized that her two dogs were still trapped inside.

One dog died at the scene of the fire, but the other was later found and taken in by Animal Control to be checked out, the site reports. 

Firefighters eventually gave the actress the remains of her pet wrapped in a sheet, according to TMZ's report.

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"She LOVES her dogs. LOVES," another source told Us of the tragedy. "She must be absolutely devastated."

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