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So, this is what paradise looks like, huh?

Beyonce and Jay Z headed to Hawaii to celebrated their seventh anniversary, and the Queen Bey released a slew of photos from their getaway on her website.

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The couple's child, Blue Ivy, was reportedly being tended to by Beyonce's sister Solange while mommy and daddy lounged in their gorgeous villa, hiked the Hawaiian mountainside and took countless selfies. Beyonce's enviable curves were on full display in several of the images, while Jay Z appears relaxed in others.

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Safe to say, not everyone who goes to Hawaii has the same experience as Bey and Jay.

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The couple's marriage was shrouded in secrecy after they wed in 2008, with neither of them publicly commenting on it for months. Nowadays, though, Beyonce routinely lets fans in on their relationship via her website and social media. And just last week, Jay Z himself actually posted a video from the couple's nuptials.