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Bill Rancic is firmly in his wife's corner. Would you expect anything else?

The one-time "The Apprentice" winner has largely remained silent about the controversy surrounding his wife, Giuliana Rancic, following the "Fashion Police" drama. But he's finally opened up about his feelings on the matter.

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"She's great. She is such a strong woman," he told the Today show on May 4. "She's such an inspiration for me, and for our son [Duke, 2]. I mean, she's been through so much over the last eight years since we've been married. I love her, obviously."

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Bill said that the couple had a plan to simply weather the storm that enveloped Giuliana following her joke on "Fashion Police," wherein she said that young actress Zendaya Coleman "smells like patchouli oil...or weed."

"We've got a strong marriage. We love each other," he said. "And we knew that she didn't do anything wrong. And obviously these situations bring us closer together. They can either tear you apart or bring you closer together, and we're a team."

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Make no mistake about it, Bill said it was difficult for him to sit back and watch people try to tear his wife down.

"As a husband, we are the defender, we want to protect our family," he said. "And I just kinda had to be muzzled. I wanted to get out there and I wanted to defend my wife… If Joan [Rivers] was around, she would have never allowed that to happen."