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Vancouver police have found a body that they believe to be Andrew Koenig, the missing son of "Star Trek" star Walter Koenig.

As reported exclusively, Andrew gave his landlord 30 days notice in January and left Los Angeles on Feb. 4.

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He has not been seen since Feb. 14.

A press conference at the Vancouver Police Mounted Squad Stables is scheduled for 5 pm PST and the Koenig family will be present.

The body was found in Stanley Park in Vancouver at approximately noon Thursday.

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In an ominous sign, Koenig returned personal items to friend Lance Miccio and left them in a bag on Feb. 3. He also turned down jobs and disconnected his phone.

Andrew had suffered from depression for most of his life. Just days ago, Miccio told "He suffers from depression. He's up, he's down. I'm worried about him, I'm concerned about him but I'm hoping for the best."

Sadly, it looks like those hopes have been dashed.