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Let the past stay in the past -- that's the new mentality of Courtney Love.

The rocker's public and private lives have been far from smooth sailing over the past two decades. She's battled drug addiction and had hugely public feuds with her own daughter and Dave Grohl.

Those days are over. All of them.

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"There are no more drugs," she told David Letterman. "What really saved me was, obviously going to meetings and stuff like that, but I'm a Buddhist. I chant and I'm really serious about it. I chant twice a day."

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The former wife of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain spent time in rehab in the mid-2000s, but she seems finally at peace. And the "Empire" actress recently even became friendly again with her daughter, Frances Bean, and her late husband's former bandmate.

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"We're friends again," she said of Dave. "We text and we're cool. I think you just get to an age where ... 'Why are we suing each other?' I mean, really. Honestly, it just got stupid."

"Me and Dave Grohl, we had some gnarly times over 20 years," she said. "If we can make up, anyone can make up. We're really cool now."