The Hollywood Reporter -- Tom Cruise's Oblivion claimed the top spot at the foreign box office this weekend, amassing $61.1 million at 7,444 dates in 52 territories. The Universal Pictures release, which opens this coming Friday in North America, is running 75 percent above Cruise's last international opening in Jack Reacher.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Kosinksi, Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark on a budget of $120 million, ranked number one in 48 of those 52 territories.

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The movie took in $3.5 million of its total from 140 Imax theaters abroad, registering a per-screen average of $25,070 in the large-screen theaters that it played.

The movie saw its highest returns in Russia, where it collected an estimated $8.6 million at 670 dates, marking the biggest opening of a 2D film this year and Cruise's biggest opening of all time, the distributor reported.

In the U.K. and Ireland, it was number one with $7.9 million; in France, it was number one with $3.9 million; and, in Spain, it also held the top spot with $3.1 million.

Across South East Asia, it achieved a 50 percent market share, doing best in Korea where it grossed $4.1 million.

It also ranked first in Australia ($3.6 million) and Mexico ($2.8 million).

Oblivion opens in the U.S. and Canada and seven more international territories this coming weekend.

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