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In late 2013, Mia Farrow made headlines after telling Vanity Fair that ex-husband Frank Sinatra had "possibly" fathered her son Ronan Farrow, whom the world had been led to believe was the biological son of the actress' former partner Woody Allen.

Now, a new book that will be released on Oct. 27 says it's impossible that ol' Blue Eyes is Ronan's dad, according to a report in New York's Daily News.

In the second volume of James Kaplan's book "Sinatra: The Chairman," reports the newspaper, the author shares a story about how Frank was hospitalized with acute diverticulitis in October 1986. Doctors operated and removed a section of his colon, forcing the music legend to wear a colostomy bag for several months.

The book states that Frank then reportedly spent the first three months of 1987 -- Ronan, now 27, would have been conceived in March that year -- recovering in Hawaii and Palm Springs under the watchful eye of his fourth wife Barbara. (Barbara has previously denied that Ronan is Frank's son.)

In the book, Frank's daughter Tina Sinatra also shoots down Mia's suggestion that Frank could be Ronan's dad: She claims he had a vasectomy well before 1987.

Mia, 70, and Frank were married for two years in the late '60s but, according to Vanity Fair, they continued to see each other for decades -- even during her 13-year relationship with Woody, 79.

Frank died at 82 following a heart attack in 1998.