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Jackie and Kelso 4 EVA? A month ago, sources downplayed the blossoming romance between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, insisting they weren't exclusive but were simply "hanging out and seeing where it's going." But based on their together-time over the weekend, the former "That '70s Show" lovebirds may be graduating from casual to couple-dom.

On Saturday in Los Angeles, Mila, 28, cozied up to Ashton, 34, during a wrap party for his Steve Jobs biopic. Paparazzi blurrily captured the pair nuzzling and locking lips on a balcony as other guests mixed and mingled nearby.

The next day, they stepped out with friends to catch "The Dark Knight Rises" but employed several strategies to thwart photographers. They not only kept their distance on the way into the theater (see below), but they also switched cars at an intersection to try to throw off the lensmen.

Their attempts to maintain a low profile may not be enough, however.

"Apparently the privacy of your own home is no longer the privacy of your own home," an annoyed Kutcher tweeted on Monday, presumably over the pap presence. His hashtag: "#societyfail."

He may have a point on public vs. private. On July 8, shutterbugs followed Ashton and Mila to a Hollywood cemetery, where the duo joined several of her family members to mark the anniversary of her grandmother's death.

The estranged hubby of Demi Moore was first linked to the petite, pulchritudinous actress in April, five months after his marital meltdown and more than a year after her split from Macaulay Culkin after eight years of togetherness.

She has repeatedly denied the romance rumors, alternately downplaying that "a friend is a friend" and "there's no crazy love story."


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