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Jessica Simpson has declared motherhood "the best thing I've ever experienced," but the (really, really) long-awaited arrival of little Maxwell Drew is also proving to be one of the more lucrative things she's ever experienced.

In addition to the $4 million deal Jess reportedly signed with Weight Watchers to drop the pregnancy poundage, she's also apparently about to pocket a chunk of change for her baby daughter's first photo shoot.

Sources tells Women's Wear Daily that People will fork over $800,000 for the exclusive pics, a relatively modest sum compared to the $6 million Jennifer Lopez received from the mag in 2008 for her twins' butler-inclusive debut.

No word on whether Jessica's fiancé, Eric Johnson, will get a piece of the paycheck. According to WWD, there wasn't much of a bidding war for the tot's unveiling.

And while it's all well and good that Simpson is getting paid, she's not exactly following the A-list lead on baby pictures. In recent days, stars such as Beyonce and Bruce Willis have debuted their tots free of charge on the Internet (see here and here).

Charlize Theron, meanwhile, showed off new son Jackson this week by taking him on an airport stroll that ensured every paparazzi agency got an equal shot, a move she made to head off invasive shutterbugs desperate for the first shot of the tyke.


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