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Is Paula Patton wavering in her resolve to divorce Robin Thicke? Sources tell TMZ that she's "open to giving him another chance," and the pair, who are in "smooth and cordial" communication, are "now talking about what Robin needs to do to convince Paula that the marriage can work to her satisfaction."

Seems the actress, 38, has been impressed with how well the woo-pitching crooner has handled his daddy duties since the long-in-coming bust-up, as he'd made time to see and stay in touch with nearly 4-year-old Julian while on tour.

Less impressive to Patton: Thicke's repeated onstage declarations of his amour, which continued over the weekend.

"When there's someone you love, you gotta fight for them no matter what," he told the "couples" in the crowd at Madison Square Garden on Friday. "We gotta learn to forgive each other, learn to love each other ... no matter who it is in your family or relationship ... 'cause you're always gonna need your friends and family."

A few days before, he launched into Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" with this intro: "Never stop believing and you never stop loving. And even if it is over, make sure you treat each other right …"

He also performed the song on March 3, after someone in the audience yelled out, "I love Paula." His response: "I do, too." Anyone else starting to suspect this split may be some sort of long con to promote a future Thicke album filled with songs of love and forgiveness?

Anyhoodie, Robin stepped out last week without his wedding ring, and he's expected to celebrate his 37th birthday on Monday without his high school sweetheart.


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