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With their one-year anniversary just weeks away, Prince William and Duchess Kate are facing increasing public pressure to be fruitful and multiply. This week, People weighs in on the growing "baby buzz" and asks, "Is She Pregnant?"

Short answer: Nope, but they have "babies on the brain" and will supposedly be trying for a blue-blooded bundle of joy "sooner rather than later."

"Continuity of the monarchy depends on William producing an heir," explains a royal expert. "And a baby would put a seal on William and Kate's happiness."

The couple, recently reunited after the prince's six-week deployment to the Falkland Islands, "will let nature and life take its course," adds an insider. "It will be a joint decision, and they will make it when they're ready."

The mag posits that William, 29, and Kate, 30, are getting into parental mode by making "family-friendly renovations" to their digs at Kensington Palace.

They also have several close friends who have already reproduced, which "does help" push them in a poopy-diapered direction, according to a spy.

Plus, royal pair have reportedly postponed a planned trip to Africa, a schedule change that may or may not be based on the required vaccinations, which could be harmful to a bun in the oven.

Still, a source reiterates to Us Weekly, "Kate is not pregnant or about to make a pregnancy announcement."

She was spotted drinking sherry a couple weeks ago and spent the last few days skiing in the French Alps with William and her family (by the way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew home on low-cost airline easyJet, shocking and delighting fellow budget-conscious passengers).

"They are very, very much in love," a confidant assures People. "Kate is a great supporter of her husband, and he is fantastically protective of her."

Alas, he couldn't protect her from getting the Madame Tussauds treatment in London. In honor of the couple's first anniversary on April 29, their waxy doppelgangers have been unveiled, and the results are just as creepy as you'd imagine.

Click through the photos above to take a gander, paying particular attention to such details as how the faux Duchess Kate is sporting the exact dress her more human-life self wore in her engagement photo, and how Prince William's hairline is realistically wispy.


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