On VH1's Hit the Floor, L.A. Devils basketball players Derek Roman and Terrence Wall may have the same goal in mind -- scoring a win for their fan-favorite team -- but off the court, their intentions couldn't be more different. In a sneak peek scene from Hit the Floor's third episode, "Out of Bounds," airing June 10 at 9 p.m. (EST), hard-partying Casanova Derek (McKinley Freeman) can't help but whoop it up in front of a bevy of beauties -- and his teammate Terrence (Robert Christopher Riley).

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"Yo, I'm missing a redhead in here! Somebody get me a redhead," bellows Derek in the above preview video clip, as he alternates between taking swigs from a bottle of booze and drags from a cigar and entertaining his adoring female fans in a hot tub.

Teammate Terrence isn't impressed by Derek's skills with the ladies, and fears his head may not be fully in the Devils' game. "Look at this fool," he fumes to girlfriend Jelena (Logan Browning). "I swear to God, if he blows another season for me. . . "

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Ever the supportive girlfriend, Jelena tries to get her man's mind off the game for one night. "It's a party, Terrence, try to have fun," she suggests.

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Watch the video above for more off-the-court drama before Hit the Floor airs Monday, June 10 at 9 p.m. (EST) on VH1.

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