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Season's greetings!

Jon Gosselin says he and estranged wife Kate will spend Christmas together with their eight kids.

"Christmas Eve and Christmas day are joint-shared custody days, which means we're both in the house," he tells AOL's "So we'll be there."

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Jon, 32, says he doesn't expect any showdowns, adding that he and Kate, 34, plan to stick to tradition.

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The kids "do the stockings early Christmas morning," he says. "Kate makes sticky buns. We keep it all the same. Nothing has changed. That way they have the sense of security with everything that's going on."

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He adds, "This year, there's a lot of paparazzi, so who knows? Every year it's different."

With his hectic schedule, the reality star says hasn't started buying presents yet.

"It will probably be all Internet-based this year, pre-wrapped," he adds. "You know, I'm a guy, when there's free gift wrap, I'm like, 'Yeah, yes please.'"

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