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Is Kevin Federline about to take another belly flop into the gene pool? If the National Enquirer is to be believed (and that's an "if" bigger than Britney's yearly Frappuccino bill), the flab-fighting father of four's statuesque girlfriend, Victoria Prince, could maybe-possibly-perhaps be expecting.

And what makes the tab suspect that K-Fed, who is already dad to Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3, with his popster ex-wife, and to Kori, 7, and Kaleb, 5, with former girlfriend Shar Jackson, is about to be hit with a snide "You again?" from the stork?

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Seems Federline, 31, supposedly "urged" volleyball-playing Prince, 26, to take a home pregnancy test after she started having bun-in-the-oven inklings following a mid-October jaunt they took to Las Vegas.

"The test was positive," alleges a snitch. "She told Kevin that she was pregnant, but he didn't seem happy to hear the news. Kevin wasn't planning to have children with Victoria, and now he's upset with her."

Putting aside, for the sake of our blood pressure, the implications of him being "upset" with her, the tab also posits that Spears, who just kicked off the Australian leg of her Circus tour, will be less than thrilled with the purported procreation news.

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"Kevin definitely doesn't want to hurt Britney," continues the source. "After all, she's supporting him, their two boys and Victoria. He knows she'll be devastated at the thought he may be starting a new family with Victoria."

Spears, who has spent much of her recent downtime in the company of her agent-beau Jason Trawick, "has tried to move on, [but] she still has feelings for Kevin," maintains the mole. "The last thing she wants is Kevin having children with someone else."

But it looks like there's no need for K-Fed or Britney to fret. His rep tells Gossip Cop the pregnancy rumblings, which previously (and erroneously) popped up in July, aren't true.

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