Some celebrity couples shy away from working together. Not Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard!

Two years after costarring in the rom-com When in Rome, the engaged actors decided to team up again in the forthcoming comedy Hit and Run, which Shepard also wrote and co-directed. "It was a nice opportunity to spend time together," Shepard, 37, said during GenArt's private screening of the film in NYC July 25.

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"We realized we're severely co-dependent," Bell said, half-jokingly. "It's not just like you're caught in the house with your significant other for six weeks and you're both doing different things and feel like you're in each other's way. We actually had the same goal and we really, really, really wanted the best for the script Dax had written. Because we had the same mutual goal, it felt shared."

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Working together had other perks, too. "On this project, I was sleeping with the director, the writer and the lead actor, so I spread myself real thin," Bell joked. (The actress has been engaged to Shepard for nearly two years; they have decided not to get married until it's legal for all United States citizens.)

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All kidding aside, "I know that he knows how to talk to me and how to get what he wants out of a lot of actors. I've seen him directing before and it's a very easy process because he's a really good communicator," Bell said. "I trust his creative perspective, so it was easy to work for him because my ego wasn't involved."

Hit and Run -- which also stars Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth and Tom Arnold -- is in theaters August 24.

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