Here we go again.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in NYC early Wednesday morning for leaving the scene of an accident in which she bumped into a pedestrian, police tell Us Weekly.

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The Liz and Dick actress, 26, was behind the wheel of her Porsche Cayenne (with her manager and a male pal) in an alleyway near the Dream and Maritime Hotels in NYC's Meatpacking District around 1 a.m. "While driving down the alley, she was trying to get people to step aside by flashing her lights," NYPD tell Us. "Everyone moved except one person. The individual is claiming a knee injury and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.  "

Lohan a friend then exited the car and "possibly spoke to the victim" before driving on and entering the Dream's nightclub. 

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Re-emerging from the Dream Hotel around 2:30 a.m., Lohan was then arrested. Because this particular crime was a misdemeanor, Lohan was released without bail. Alcohol was not involved in the incident, according to police documents.

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The incident could spell new trouble for Lohan, who was sternly instructed by a judge earlier this year to stay on the straight an narrow following a probation related to a jewelry theft case.

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