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Veteran pop star Lulu has turned to police after having her bank card stolen while at a cash machine in London on Thursday.

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The "To Sir With Love" singer was about to withdraw money from an ATM on Kensington High Street when she reportedly became distracted by an unidentified male who claimed the cash point wasn't working. He snatched Lulu's card from her hand and ran off towards his getaway vehicle, prompting the diminutive singer to give chase as she screamed for help.

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An eyewitness tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "She was stunned for a moment, then she ran after him shouting, 'My card. That man's got me (sic) card.'"

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Lulu, 64, immediately reported the crime and a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirms, "We were called at 5.30pm on February 28 after a woman was the victim of a distraction theft at a cash point in Kensington High Street. The victim had her bank card taken. We are investigating but there has been no arrest at this time."