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By Jennifer Odell

This weekend, tabloids seized on the old news of how a relationship that allegedly began over workouts at a New Jersey gym between Bruce Springsteen and a married woman named Ann Kelly ultimately led to the end of her marriage.

The story initially broke in April of 2009 when Kelly's husband filed divorce papers that implicated The Boss as "the other man," and is resurfacing this week because the divorce is expected to be finalized in the coming days.

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In Sunday's cover story, the New York Post reported that Arthur Kelly, 46, claimed in divorce proceedings with his wife Ann, 45, that after she met the singer at the Atlantic Club gym in Red Bank, N.J., Springsteen began taking Kelly out to lunch, giving her free front-row concert tickets, telling her he thought about her while on tour and sending her unsigned, unstamped Valentines Day cards and other notes.

As the Kellys' marriage deteriorated, the Post recounts how Springsteen continued to remain at the center of the couples' problems.

The "relationship with Bruce Springsteen was the main subject we discussed with the therapist as a major problem in our marriage," Kelly reportedly stated in court papers obtained by the Post.

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Finally in 2008, when Mr. Kelly underwent open heart surgery in Cleveland, he said his wife chose to spend time with Springsteen instead of with her sick husband. He added that she admitted her relationship with the pop star had become "inappropriate."

Inappropriate or not, Ann Kelly has denied that her relationship with Springsteen was sexual.

Last year, a lawyer for Mrs. Kelly stated, "My client absolutely denies having an affair with Bruce Springsteen," and referred to Mr. Kelly's claims as the "baseless allegations of a jealous man," in People magazine.

Springsteen's rep also denied the alleged affair in 2009, stating that his commitment to his wife "remains as strong as the day they were married."

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A source close to Springsteen and Scialfa concurred as part of this weekend's story, telling the Post that, "Bruce and Patti continue to have a terrific marriage and are very devoted to each other and their children."

Arthur Kelly has reportedly removed the adultery claims from his divorce filings as part of the divorce settlement.