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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may ooze glamour every time they step out on the red carpet but, surprisingly, they say they don't dedicate a lot of time to the process.

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"We get ready pretty quickly because we have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old who are always like, 'Mommy, I want this! Mommy I want that!'" Kidman told Wonderwall on the carpet prior to the G'Day USA black-tie gala at LA Live's JW Marriott on Jan. 12, 2013.

But when the beautification process is done, Kidman added that her daughters -- Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret -- stop to admire the results. "They love this -- they thought I was a princess. This is Sunday Rose's dress of all time," Kidman said, referring to her daughter's opinion of her Elie Saab coral sleeveless couture frock.

In addition to the current awards season circuit, the Kidman-Urban household is a bit more chaotic than normal as Urban is prepping for the launch of "American Idol." The show debuts on Wednesday and will see Urban sitting alongside Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson at the judges' table. So how is he juggling multi-hyphenate stardom and fatherhood?

"Just balancing it when it gets out of balance and it definitely does," Urban said. "Balance is never achieved -- it's just maintained."

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There's been plenty of buzz about the need for balance in the relationship of two of his fellow judges -- Carey and Minaj. Urban didn't comment on their alleged drama, but he did say that he gets along just fine with everyone.

"We all met in New York for dinner the night before we started shooting," Urban revealed. "I had met Ryan and Randy before, but I'd never met Mariah or Nicki, but we just sort of clicked. I clicked with them because I'm used to dealing with all kinds of different artists and I just felt like I just joined a band."

So, when the "band" gets together on season 12, what should viewers expect?

"We're all pretty opinionated so I think that's going to come out," Urban said, adding that he's looking for contestants who "stop me in my tracks." "They may not have the best singing voice or anything, but they just know how to communicate and are compelling to watch."

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