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How much is too much? Prince Harry was the brunt of a vulgar, sexually-explicit joke in a sketch on a British comedy show -- and people are not happy.

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Channel 4's Fresh Meat is being accused of "degrading" the Royal family by political party members after it aired a sexually-explicit sketch involving the handsome royal, 29, on Monday night. The offending joke involved one character remarking to another: "I'll take you to a place on the King's Road where Prince Harry got a hand j-- off an assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch."

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The broadcast came days after BBC's "Have I Got News For You" jokingly suggested of the Prince's cocaine use, a joke that the network refused to apologize for. Channel 4, meanwhile, defended its actions, telling the Telegraph UK, "Fresh Meat has established itself as a very irreverent comedy drama." The publicly-owned network added that it was a "clearly tongue in cheek line" within the context of the show.

However, Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell still did not find it funny, deeming the joke "inappropriate."

"The media should not involve the Royal family in this sort of thing," he remarked to the Telegraph. "It's inappropriate and degrading and it demeans the broadcasters that engage in it. it's just wrong."

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Royal biographer Penny Junor has even chimed in on the fiasco, "It's horrible, really horrible," she quipped to the Telegraph. Junor added that the "not funny" joke was "gratuitous and nasty, with no wit at all."

Kensington Palace has yet to comment on the uproar.


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