Rita Wilson had just one teeny, tiny reservation when it came to signing up for a guest spot on Girls.

"I [wanted] it put in my contract . . . [They] don't want to see me nude," the actress, 55, told Us Weekly at the HBO Emmys party in L.A. Sunday night. "That's all I have to say. I'm like, 'Don't write in any nudity, please!'" (The rest of the Girls cast seem to have no qualms about stripping down; the show's star and creator Lena Dunham parodied her character's total comfort with nudity during the show's opening skit, in which she sat and ate cake -- totally in the buff -- in a bathroom stall.)

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On the second season of the buzzed-about, Emmy-nominated HBO series, Wilson is slated to appear as Marnie's mom.

When asked about the similarities between her Allison Williams' rigid, Type-A character, Wilson wouldn't say much -- although she did tell Us to get ready to expect some "outrageous" moments.

She also revealed that she hopes to be asked back sometime soon.

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"[Filming] was a blast," she gushed. "It's just one episode this season, but I hope there's room for [my character] to grow!"

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