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Some love stories never end. More than four decades after they first graced the screen in the 1970 tearjerker "Love Story," Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw still share a special bond. The former co-stars reunited recently in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films and reminisced about the magic they created on the set of the famed romantic drama.

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"Making it was actually unbelievably fun the whole time," MacGraw, 75, told THR of the three-month shoot. "I was stupid and new enough in the business to think it was always like that."

Added O'Neal, 73: "It's the best time I ever had on a movie. And I've made thousands."

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The longtime friends also spoke about the famous "Love Story" line, "Love means not ever having to say you're sorry." The phrase, which is spoken twice in the film, was voted No. 13 in the American Film Institute's 100 Years ... 100 Movie Quotes list but has been mocked repeatedly for its bad advice.

"It's a crock!" MacGraw quipped of the line, prompting O'Neal to pipe in, "You'd better say you're sorry!"

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"Love Story" starred O'Neal as a wealthy Harvard student who falls in love with MacGraw's character, a working-class Radcliffe student. Once married -- against the wishes of his family -- the two learn that she has a terminal illness.

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