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From one hunk to the other! Scott Eastwood may have his dad Clint Eastwood's good looks, but the actor seems to be looking up to yet another handsome face -- Brad Pitt.

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"[Pitt is] a kind and humble person, which is everything in this world," Eastwood, 27, tells Town & Country in its Top 50 Bachelors February 2014 issue. "He's a great actor, but because he's proactive about developing material and getting stuff made." (Eastwood and Pitt, 50, recently wrapped production on the World War II drama "Fury" in London.)

The up-and-comer may have been hard at work with one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood, but Clint's son was making a name for himself back home simultaneously. While away, Eastwood made quite the impression after posing shirtless for Town & Country last September.

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"I heard some things," he admitted of the immediate buzz. "[But I] didn't pay much attention. These things come and go. No one will remember six months from now."

He added: "I love acting, but I'm not a thespian. I want to be a man's man, not a glitzy pop star."

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Eastwood may be relatively new to Hollywood, but getting quickly forgotten about is highly unlikely. After all, he's learned from one of the greatest actors and directors in Hollywood. "My father taught me not to overthink things, that nothing will ever be perfect, so just keep moving and do your best," he said.


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