John Stillwell / AP 1 / 11
John Stillwell / AP 1 / 11

Being that he's known worldwide, it would appear that Prince Harry has access to anything … except a razor, apparently.

And, for the record, we're totally fine with this. We're not the only ones who approve. Harry's unruly royal stubble even has its own Twitter account. The bio of this account: "What is there not to love about a ginger beard?"


Harry's face fuzz, which we first saw while he was out in the African wilderness, has become more and more pronounced, as he's not afraid to wear it for state dinners or special evenings.

On Oct. 22, Harry showed off his facial fortitude while attending a service at the magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral in London that marked the 75th anniversary of the bomb disposal unit (Explosive Ordinance Disposal, or EOD) in the British Army. Those guys truly dealt with some hairy situations.