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It was February 23, 2016 when Celine Dion graced the stage in Las Vegas that she's called home on-and-off since 2003. This night felt different, as it was the first time she performed since the death of her husband Rene Angelil.

During the show she spoke glowingly about Rene, but it was just before her encore that she belted out her hit "The Show Must Go On" with her arms spread. Afterward, she pointed to the sky and mouthed the words "Thank You."

Fast forward to now and the show has gone on. And the show looks rather flawless.

Celine, 48, is having a bonafide moment, both in fashion and in life.

On Thursday, the songstress appeared on Jimmy Fallon where the crowd roared for her as she did musical impressions as part of "The Tonight Show." There, she mastered her impression of Rihanna singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and Sia singing "Hush, Little Baby."

The next day, the superstar singer opened up about her husband Rene with Kathie Lee Gifford, whose husband passed away in August 2015.

"When he passed I was very fortunate, to make a long story short, that my children did not find him," Celine said. "The second thing is that I needed to take charge. He had his will and I really wanted to make sure that it was going to happen the way that he wanted it."

Celine took charge, all right, putting on a brave face, even laughing at times, at multiple memorials. At a Las Vegas memorial at Caesars Palace, Celine laughed and cried happy tears as guests spoke of Rene's love of food and gambling.

What food and gambling was to Rene, that's what fashion is to Celine, and she is currently killing the fashion game. Slaying, actually.

During Paris Fashion Week, Celine stunned as she was often seen in Balenciaga, Gucci, Lanvin and Dior. Her finest fashion moment, though, came not near a runway, but rather on a Paris street.

While leaving the Royal Monceau hotel in The City of Light, Celine donned a hoodie that featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in one of the most iconic scenes in "Titanic." The hoodie also featured a black and white photo of the doomed ship.

The hoodie is all sorts of magnificent and just proves how well balanced her wardrobe has become.

"She's really enjoying herself," her stylist Law Roach told People magazine during Paris Fashion Week. "I know she's enjoying herself and we're enjoying each other because we tell each other every day. I'm here almost every day and it makes me so happy to see her so happy. If I had a small piece of [creating] that with the clothes and the fittings and the shoes and the bags, then I am overjoyed."

He continued, "She's fearless. She's not afraid to wear any color, shape or brand. She's excited about things that are new. It's refreshing that she's in her 40s and has no hesitation about fashion. It has been such a dream to work with her."