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Sorry Celine Dion, but our hearts may not go on anymore! In fact, our hearts just can't take the amazingness that you've just done!

While in Paris for fashion week, the superstar singer may have stolen the show with a sweatshirt, but not just any sweatshirt.

While leaving the Royal Monceau hotel in The City of Light, Celine donned a hoodie that featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in one of the most iconic scenes in "Titanic." The hoodie also featured a black and white photo of the doomed ship.

On the side of the each sleeve, it read "Coming soon" in capital letters.

Perhaps the greatest hoodie of all time? Yes, perhaps.

Celine, of course, sang the theme song for the 1998 film, "My Heart Will Go On." The masterpiece has become one of the most popular and iconic movie songs of all time.

But, the hoodie doesn't come cheap, much like a ticket on the Titanic (unless you win it in a lucky hand of poker like Jack Dawson). People magazine says it goes for $885 from Vetements, an expensive brand for people with deep pockets.

More bad news: The hoodie, which features a waterlogged Jack and Rose, is sold out.

Since touching down in Paris, Celine has been seen in the front row of many of week's hottest fashion shows. She's been a master of style, seen in Balenciaga, Gucci and Dior.

Call us crazy, but the hoodie is the best thing she's worn this week, and maybe even the best thing she's ever worn … ever. Oh yeah, she also paired her cinematic couture classic with a $4,000 python handbag by Tod's and gold ankle-strap heels.

Forgive the pun, but we would drive all night to get to this outfit. In fact, we're gassing up the car now.