@jessaseewald / Instagram 1 / 6
@jessaseewald / Instagram 1 / 6

Jessa Duggar Seewald wears her heart on her Instagram, so to speak.

The "19 Kids and Counting" star posted a love letter to her social media account that her husband, Ben Seewald, wrote for her.

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Jessa marveled at her husband's thoughts, some of which seem a bit bizarre.

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"Your smile could melt the age old ice cap of Antarctica," he wrote. "Your smile brightens my spirit like the first gleams of sunrise after a crisp autumn night in the Arkansas Ozarks."

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Jessa, of course, seemed over the moon with her husband's latest gesture, captioning a photo of letter, "He writes the sweetest love letters ... :') @ben_seewald, You're a gem! I'm so blessed to be your wife!"

The couple is known to post nearly every element of their lives on social media, so the fact that they are sharing what would seem to be a private exchange between husband and wife should come as no surprise.