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On the newest episode of TLC's "Kate Plus 8," Kate Gosselin is on a mission to fix up her home, all the while teaching her kids some responsibility by raising some chickens.

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"My goal in all this maintenance was ... to make a manual so that I can run this place ... [The] Gosselin Households Systems and Maintenance Manual: everything a single mom needs to know to run our little piece of the world," the reality star mom says while assembling her binder of household instructions.

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Later, Kate and the kids run into some problems down at the chicken coop. The family finds that one of their feathery friends has been pecked at by the other chickens and is bleeding. The newly divorced Kate says jokingly of the chicken fight, "The poor thing was hen-pecked ... They were just relentlessly picking on him and I just needed to get him out of there so he could have some peace, the poor thing ... There's possibly some irony. We've got issues with roosters."

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Kate treats the kids to an "egg-centric" dinner. The mother of eight says of the "eggtastic" meal, "We were just eggin' out!"

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