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The New York tabloids are doing their best to shove Katie Holmes into a rebound romance. On the heels of a New York Post report that claimed no fewer than seven guys on the set of her currently filming manic-depressive indie flick "Mania Days" have asked her out comes word from the New York Daily News that the former Mrs. Tom Cruise has been "getting flirty" with co-star Luke Kirby.

The evidence, such as it is: Holmes has been dodging the paparazzi around her Manhattan neighborhood and was spied spending time with Kirby off-camera.

According to the paper, Suri's mom left the set with Kirby on Wednesday, and, unlike the work-related, digit-clasping pic below, they were "almost holding hands" while walking in the East Village (given the crush of people on the average New York sidewalk, Holmes could have been "almost holding hands" with just about anyone, but OK).

A spy also alleges that when Katie saw the paparazzi, she changed directions, ditched Kirby and hopped into a cab, eventually rendezvousing with him down the street. They've also been "giggling a lot" and reportedly grabbed dinner together on Tuesday.

"She's smiling all the time, very flirty," asserts the mole. "He seems to be very into her."

Or he's just a friendly co-worker.

As for Cruise, he surfaced at an L.A. Kings game on Thursday, where he posed for a photo with "American Idol" alum Pia Toscano. Seems he sought her out to praise her performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner," and she Instagrammed a photo of the meeting.

The pic immediately had the Internet on alert, since it's been nearly a year since Holmes surprised Cruise with divorce papers, and he's overdue for a new suspicion-clouded romance.


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