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Independent woman! Paula Patton may have gone through a very public divorce with Robin Thicke, but the whole process has made her stronger and she's now moving on.

Speaking to "Good Morning America," the brunette stunner said, "I'm doing really well. I mean, the honest truth is it has been challenging, but it's been a year of growth, lots of healing, learning about all new things, but I've come out of it stronger."

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Her positive outlook is admirable considering she had to live out her failed marriage in the public eye. And, not long after she and Robin separated, her ex-husband essentially went on a public apology tour trying to win her back. It didn't work, though, and Paula officially filed for divorce in October 2014.

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That's all in the past now and Paula refuses to dwell on the negative. If she is ever feeling down, which is rare, she looks no further than the former couple's son, Julian, whom Robin and Paula share custody of.

"My son's happy," she said in the TV interview. "And I'm very—you know, I feel like everything happens for a reason. And then you have to move on and grow from there."

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She continued, "The truth is it's hard for me to say this because I don't always do this, but it's being grateful for what you have. It's so easy for us to focus on the negative things, but usually, the positive in your life outweighs that. And you have to just be thankful for what you have right now."

Julian, she said, is the biggest single force that keeps her striving to be better at life.

"The thing is you can't wallow in sadness or stay in bed when you have a child," she explained. "And they're so full of life and wonder. And he brings me so much joy."