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A darker picture has emerged surrounding Janet Jackson's split from her husband, Wissam Al Mana, one that involves a complete clash of cultures.

It was a marriage that had been crumbling and one that the singer was desperate to get out of for quite some time, according to a detailed new report out of the United Kingdom.

On Jan. 3, Janet and Wissam welcomed their son Eissa, and the infant seems to be the main sticking point for the duo. The Daily Mail says that Janet wants to be a hands-on mother and has only left her son once since giving birth. Wissam, though, has hired a large staff to help care for Eissa.

"Janet thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy," a source told Page Six. "She had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts. It drove her crazy, and she felt she was losing her fan base."

People magazine said the couple realized just how different they were after Eissa.

"They separated shortly after the baby was born," says the insider. "The cultural differences between her and Wissam became even more obvious [after Eissa arrived]. They come from very different worlds."

The source added, "For years, Janet tried to adapt to his culture. Since it's not a culture she grew up with, it's been challenging for her. She often felt she disappointed Wissam."

In recent years, Janet had been seen dressing much more conservatively, something many attributed to Wissam, who is staunchly religious and also incredibly wealthy. TMZ estimated on April 9 that he is worth about $1 billion, much more than Janet's estimated net worth of about $175 million.

While the duo fought over their child (Daily Mail says Janet was forbidden from leaving the house while she was nursing), the final straw centered around Janet's mother, Katherine Jackson.

Several weeks after Eissa was born, the Jackson matriarch headed to London to meet her new grandson, but also to escape Los Angeles, where she said she's been abused, bullied and spied on by her nephew Trent. Katherine returned to L.A. to appear as a witness in her case. Janet has reportedly been worried about her mother, but Wissam showed a lack of interest in his mother-in-law's plight.

"That's when Janet made her decision that there was no turning back," a source told Page Six. "She was worried about her mother — and Wissam showed little to no concern."

It seems that the duo had been on the outs for quite some time. TMZ speculates that their separation date could have implications regarding their couple's prenuptial agreement (it's assumed she and Wissam had one considering their significant wealths.)

"Prenups typically have 5 and 10 year marks, which trigger more money in the pot to be divided," TMZ said. "Janet announced in February, 2013 that she had gotten married a year earlier. Given the date of her reported separation from Al Mana, it seems to be almost exactly at the 5 year mark of marriage."

For Janet, her marital struggles will take a back seat to her child.

"Janet is all about the baby and is okay," the family source told People. "They will raise their boy together."