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Kitchen hair, don't care!

Kirstie Alley is sporting a foxy new Jennifer-Lawrence-inspired 'do, which she just so happened to cut herself -- with her kitchen scissors, no less!

"I cut my hair all the time, but I've never cut it blunt with the kitchen scissors like that," the Jenny Craig spokeswoman told on Jan. 7 while promoting her latest ad campaign for the weight-loss program. "And I'd never cut that much off! My hair was down to my nips, so I guess I cut six inches off."

What's especially impressive about Kirstie's new cut -- which was inspired by a scene in the film "Joy" in which Jennifer Lawrence's entrepreneur Joy Mangano cuts her own hair -- is that it didn't require professional touch-ups.

"No one [fixed] it," the 64-year-old told us. "I did a really good job! My hair is sort of wavy -- it doesn't need to be exact. And somehow when you cut it with kitchen scissors like that -- just blunt cut it with the kitchen scissors -- you suddenly look like you have three times more hair."

We'll take your word for it, Kirstie!

So how exactly did American's sweetheart move the "Cheers" alum, who recently revealed that she's maintained a 50-pound weight loss over the past year, to put her hair on the chopping block?

"I watched 'Joy,' and I was so inspired and just exhilarated," Kirstie told "I'd been working on three or four projects, and I was like, 'Just stay tenacious! Stay steady the course!' It was like I'd just seen the biggest motivational speaker in the universe. So I thought, 'You need a new look.' Literally I walked upstairs and took the kitchen scissors and basically performed the exact scene that Jennfier Lawrence did in 'Joy.' I stood there with the kitchen scissors and I wacked my hair off."

"It felt good -- liberating," she added. "I am Jennifer Lawrence too! I am Joy Mangano! I will be a great success!"

There's no doubt which film -- or which actress -- is getting Kirstie's Oscar nomination this year.

"It was so corny, but it was so great," she gushed. "That's why I love movies because every once in a while, a movie will just inspire you to do something great and really gives you confidence that you can do something great. That was one of those movies."

"And everybody likes my hair, so I guess it wasn't the world's biggest mistake," she concluded. "I'm glad Jennfier Lawrence didn't go and shave her head."

Us too, Kirstie!