Sophia Bush is all about Girl Power! The 33-year-old "Chicago P.D." star is teaming up with EcoTools and Glamour's The Girl Project to encourage women to share messages of empowerment using the #MyTrueBeauty hashtag on social media in celebration of International Women's Day. Each time @ecotools is tagged along with the hashtag, the beauty brand will donate $1 to The Girl Project, which contributes to the cost of education for underserved women and girls. caught up with the "One Tree Hill" alum, who dished on the women who inspire her, portraying a badass female on screen, why her 30s are amazing and more! Keep reading for the highlights.

Sophia Bush on The Girl Project: "[I've] worked with women and in the education space for so long, and the statistics around those issues are still really quite alarming. We know from the First Lady's massive Let Girls Learn initiative that 62 million girls do not have access to school, and we know that for every year that a girl is in school, her life improves dramatically: the more likely she is to have a job, to be able to take care of her family and to have less children. Those are really incredible shifts that happen to girls. … I'm just incredibly excited to see girls have their tuition covered, textbooks paid for and mentorship programs suddenly be within reach. It's really life changing stuff that's happening."

Sophia Bush on the #MyTrueBeauty campaign: "The idea behind the #MyTrueBeauty campaign is that whether you're sending a note of encouragement to your mom, to your best friend, to Oprah Winfrey -- whoever the woman is who inspires you -- or if you're volunteering and you're showing that you're contributing to a great organization, women all over the world can raise their voices and share those messages of empowerment."

Sophia Bush on the women who inspire her: "First and foremost, my mom. From the time that I was a little kid and wanted to do beach cleanups on Saturdays and rescue every dog that I saw, [she always encouraged me]. … And all of the incredible women who currently are in my life from my manager, a Wonder Woman and a mom, to my best girlfriends, who run incredible companies and non-profits and just look at the world so differently and in all the ways that they can change it and make it better. I'm incredibly lucky. My team, my squad, is made up of, I think, just the best women that I know."

Sophia Bush on the influx of strong female characters on television: "Listen, I'm very flattered when people say, 'Oh my God, you're playing this really cool role. There are not a lot of them on TV.' And part of me is like, 'Really? I don't know.' I think all women are capable and badass and inspiring and strong. What I like about my character [on 'Chicago P.D.'] is that she is multifaceted. She's strong but she's incredibly vulnerable. She's deeply emotionally affected by the things that she sees and the things that she witnesses -- and, by the way, so are so many of the men."

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Sophia Bush on her 'Chicago P.D.' alter ego, Erin Lindsay: "My greatest technical adviser is a 46-year-old guy who tells me stories about the things that he sees in the line of duty and cries all the time. For me, that's indicative of the job. We work so hard on things that are so difficult, and I'm just happy that I can remind people that a girl like Erin -- a girl like me -- can be just as effective in her position as any of the guys could be in it."

Sophia Bush on 'Chicago P.D.' on-set injuries: "We joke that we're like a professional football team. There's always someone who's, like, deeply wounded on the show, and we're always sending somebody to the hospital. I'm pretty lucky -- this year I haven't had anything major. I haven't had a CAT Scan this season, so that's good."

Sophia Bush on her 30s and her passion for trapeze classes: "I took trapeze classes years ago when I was living in New York at the Chelsea Piers, and it was so much fun. One of my best friends -- who is one of those incredibly inspiring women who I was mentioning -- just turned 30. I was like, 'Listen, babe, 30 is the best decade. Better! You gotta jump into it.' I literally wanted her to start her 30th year flying, so I told her we were going to breakfast and then I put a harness on her and threw her off of a platform. It's absolutely the most fun and invigorating just good time."

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