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After spending his childhood being teased and beaten up, David Spade used his business degree from Arizona State to pursue the stand-up dream. Eventually relocating to LA, he caught the eye of an agent at a comedy club who cast him in Police Academy 4. In 1989, he appeared on HBO's 13th Annual Young Comedians Show, which was hosted by Dennis Miller who would help him secure a coveted Saturday Night Live position a year later. During his six years there, he perfected his snide-with-a-smile delivery, developed his love of skewering celebrities in "Hollywood Minute" segments (a blueprint for his later series, The Showbiz Show) and met the men who would become his most successful partners in comedy like Chris Farley .Utilizing what he called the "age-old secret of fatty and skinny," he and Farley cracked up audiences in Black Sheep and Tommy Boy. It also hooked him up with Adam Sandler who has produced several Spade vehicles like Joe Dirt and given him a plethora of other roles in films like Grown Ups and Hotel Transylvania. His career has seen plenty of ups including being a spokesperson for Sierra Mist and Capital One, earning a star on the Walk Of Fame, dating Lara Flynn Boyle, Kristy Swanson and Julie Bowen, and getting an Emmy nomination for Just Shoot Me. The current Rules of Engagement star has also had his fair share of downs from being attacked with a stun gun and robbed by his personal assistant and being charged with reckless jet-skiing. In 2008, his brief hook-up with Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace resulted in a daughter named Harper.