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Born in London and raised in New York, Mischa Barton was a Ford child model discovered while performing at summer camp. She made her professional debut at 9 in Tony Kushner's play Slavs! It was followed by several Broadway appearances, a gig on soap All My Children playing the same role as Michelle Trachtenberg (who coincidentally took the Gossip Girl part Barton allegedly turned down) and a big screen debut in the Sundance hit Lawn Dogs. She subsequently appeared in movies big (The Sixth Sense, Notting Hill) and small (The Oh in Ohio) as well as on TV (Once & Again). But it was her three-season stint as California girl Marisa Cooper on The O.C. that earned her it girl status in 2003, modeling/spokesperson deals with Calvin Klein, Keds and Neutrogena, front-row seats at fashion shows around the world and the no. 33 spot on Maxim's 2005 Hot 100 list. But ever since she was killed off The O.C. in 2006, she hasn't been able to replicate that level of success. Her follow-up TV series The Beautiful Life, for which she pierced her ears, was cancelled after only two episodes aired and none of her movies found audiences. Like many other child/teen stars, her personal life is a series of tabloid headlines. Relationships with oil heir Brandon Davis and singer Cisco Adler didn't pan out. She publically feuded with Paris Hilton, became a club scene regular, was arrested for a DUI in December 2007 and a DUI/marijuana possession in February 2008 and was placed on psychiatric hold in 2009 which she blamed on botched wisdom-teeth removal.